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October 18th | 2022
Urban Trigger Group + Oslo Architecture Triennale

One day session at the 2022 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Introducing autonomous neighborhoods.

- Architecture student presentations

- Urban Trigger Agency Portfolio presentations

- Guest lectures by invitation: Marthijn Pool (Space & Matter) and Guus Peters (NL-Architects)


August 25th | 2021
Urban Trigger Agency joins Byggfloken 2.0

This year, Byggfloken 2.0 brings together leading actors in the AEC Industry to explore and develop new sustainable business models for the future. Urban Trigger Agency has joined the project.


June 7th | 2021
Article, Circular Economy and Technology - Gemini (NO)

We have released a new article in Gemini. The topic focuses the opportunity in the overlap between old ideas and new technology - enjoy the read! Click to view


May 5th | 2021
Article, City as System - Midtnorsk Debatt (NO)

News article from the 5th of May in Midtnorsk Debatt - Concerning the nature of buildings, cities and our future. Click to view


March 19th | 2021
Article, Food Production - Gemini (NO)

Between the agricultural fields and your food table lies a value equal to twice the production cost of the food. Could this value be channeled in towards local city and urban development? Click to view

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